QD Products

Mesolight Inc is a nanotech company located in Little Rock Arkansas. We specialize in developing, manufacturing, and commercializing high-quality luminescent nanocrystals (Quantum Dots, QDs) for life sciences and optoelectronics applications. We are committed to provide high quality QDs and best customer services around the world. In past years, Mesolight has received more than 10 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) awards from NSF, DOD, and NIH for its research and development on QD related techniques. Mesolight has received ~$350,000 cash-based funding from the State of Arkansas through its tax credit and Technical Development Program (TDP). With these supports, we developed several innovative techniques for producing high quality QDs. Mesolight has three fully equipped chemistry laboratories (~1000 square feet), one biochemistry laboratory (~ 400 square feet), one device laboratory (500 square feet), one class 100 clean room, and three offices. We have a RD team formed by 5 Ph.D. research scientists with excellent R&D background in the fields of chemistry, biochemistry, electronics, and chemical engineering.