QD Products




Suzhou Xingshuo Nanotech Co., Ltd. is a Sino-US corporation specializing in researching & developing and industrializing quantum dots and related products. With 15 years of technical accumulation, large-scale production has been realized.

We possess the international leading technology of quantum dots including  QLED applied QDs, gradient-alloyed QDs, heavy-metal-free QDs, Near-Infrared QDs, water-soluble QDs, inkjet-printing QDs ink, up-converting nano-particles, QDs or polymer composite, which have been used in the fields of HD display LCD, LED, lighting, optoelectronic devices, solar cell, bio-imaging, laser and so on.

Due to their excellent property of high quantum efficiency, strong stability and pure emission spectrum, our products have been widely used by hundreds of universities, institutes, and organizations in the areas of display and life science etc. around the world.

We are committed to provide quality products and services to help accelerating our customers’ developing.