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Mesolight’s Water-soluble QDs
We provide high quality water-soluble gradient alloyed (GA) ZnSe/ZnS, CdS/ZnS, CdSe/ZnS, InP/ZnS, 808/980nm up-conversion luminescent nanomaterial, near-infrared (NIR) PbS/Ag2S QDs. These QDs are coated by GSH(glutathione), MPA (3-Mercaptopropionic acid) or PEG (a special ligand we developed that make the QDs surface have 60-80% of polyethylene glycol groups, of which, 80% are end with OH group, and 20-40% with carboxyl functional group or primary amine functional groups for bio-conjugation with bio-molecules). 
GSH or MPA coated QDs typically have the hydrodynamic size of ~ 10-12 nm diameter, while PEG coated have ~ 20 nm. PEG coated QDs have much better performance than GSH or MPA coated in terms of stability and solubility — e.g. GSH coated QDs can be dissolved in neutral solution, MPA coated QDs can be dissolved in neutral or basic solution, but PEG coated show good solubility in a wider pH range from 5-11.
By default, we provide water-soluble QDs dispersed in water, typically 20 nM GSH or MPA coated QDs or 10 nM PEG coated QDs in 4 ml of water. Upon customer’s request, we also provide water-soluble QDs in solid states, which can be simply dissolved by adding water or buffer.
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